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Wedding Morning Prep list

The Wedding Morning Checklist

Wondering how to spend those last precious hours on your wedding day before you say 'i do'? Here are some of our top ideas of what to do on your wedding morning to make it super chilled and extra special.

Set the scene

No matter if you are getting ready at home or at the wedding venue make yourself at home the night before and leave out everything you need to get ready for the big day.

Pack a bag with makeup to top up with later in the day for one of the bridesmaids to take the wedding dinner for you so you can freshen up later.

Lay out your jewellery, dress, shoes, etc ready to pop on the next day.

Light your wedding day candle

Leave out a wedding day candle to light on the morning of your wedding whilst you get ready. A dainty kane wedding candle will help create a lovely relaxing ambience for when you are getting ready on the morning of your big day.

Don't stress the small things

Whatever is done is done now so don't waste any energy stressing about small wedding detail, just focus on being present and getting excited about walking down that aisle!

Turn your phone off 

You will no doubt have lots of well wishers but your wedding morning or even wedding eve is a good time to switch off your phone and put it away until the day after so you can remove any distractions and allow yourself to soak up all the moments from the big day.

Ask one of your family or bridesmaids to use their phone to take extra pics for you throughout the day and some bridal party selfies of course!

Make time for your nearest & dearest

Take time to talk to your bridesmaids and family as you get ready for the big day, remember you have done so much planning to get to this point and this is it so enjoy time with your closest and make lots of memories to treasure.

Eat a healthy breakfast 

Eat something light that will give you lots of energy for your big day, something like porridge or a green smoothie is perfect for giving you lots of energy to get you ready for walking down the aisle and meeting all your guests later

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